Here at Say it right I offer an array of high quality content marketing and copywriting in English, suited to different needs and wants. Flick through them to find what you need and pick up some inspiration along the way.

If you are unsure of what services to choose or can’t seem to find exactly what you’re looking for, get in touch. I will be glad to send you an offer tailored to your needs.

Content Marketing Agency - Copywriting : Proofreading : Editing in English

Website copywriting

You need a website but can't find the words to put on it? Nowadays your website is like the face of your company - which is why you will want to get the copy and content right. Hand it over to me, to get an objective outside perspective that will fill your website with useful information every new visitor will want to soak up.

Case Studies

Want to show potential customers how you work and what you're made of? Through a carefully crafted case study you can tell the story of how you worked with a client, what methods you used and results you achieved.

Content Marketing Agency - Written Branding and Tone of Voice

Article writing

Need to write blog posts, PR articles or magazine snippets but don't have the time or skills in-house? I've got you covered.

E-mail Funnels

An email funnel is a series of emails that goes out to either your current customers or prospects. The great thing about these is that you can set up automated email funnels that go out automatically without you lifting a finger. E-mail funnels are a great way of producing high quality content that lasts.

Examples of funnels include a welcome-funnel that customers get when they sign up to your service, a sales funnel you send out to promote a specific product or an educational funnel that brings added value to your customers and educates them about your product or a certain topic.

Tone of Voice & Written Branding; Workshop and Guidelines

Not sure how to approach copywriting or written content in your company but want to keep things consistent? Book a collaborative workshop where we find your company's tone of voice, I'll give you hands on tips and tricks you can use company wide and we'll set some written brand guidelines you can use forever.

Written Corporate Identity

Launching a new business, ready to hit new markets or perhaps you need a whole lot of everything and you needed it like - yesterday? I'll produce plenty of consistent content for your brand so you have a solid foundation and can launch with utter confidence and nothing short of perfection.

Content Marketing Agency - Content Creation and Content Management

English Copywriting

Need to write text from scratch? You might find yourself knowing what you want to say, but can't find the words. I'll switch on my creative brain to write copy that uses just the right words, synonyms, puns and what not so you can get back to your day job.

English Proofreading & Editing

If you’ve already produced a heck of a lot of content, but need a fresh set of eyes to look over it, you've come to the right place. Tweaking your copy and content here and there can make a huge difference - the difference between a customer liking your brand or loving it.

Sales, Landing and Price Pages

This is it. This is the place where all of your marketing comes together, and where someone who is interested in your company, or heard of it somewhere turns into a paying customer. These pages require a lot of thinking time, not too much information to scare people away but enough for them to feel confident enough to purchase. This is where I seal the deal with words for your company.

Ready to take your written communication to the next level?

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