Your website is the face of your company.

Sure, it should look slick - but this is also the place where you get to tell your story and pitch to your customers.

Whether you’re a business owner, agency or designer - we can help you find the right words.

SEO Copywriting is the best way to win the Google race.

Some of you maybe even landed here by searching online.

By analysing and finding the right keywords and creating the right content for your website & blog, you can start attracting people to your website who are already looking for what you have to offer.

Need to write blog posts, PR articles or magazine snippets,
but don't have the time or skills in-house?

We'll help you write whatever needs to be done on time.

If you’ve already produced a lot of content, but you’re not
a native speaker and need a fresh set of eyes to check it,

you've come to the right place.

Tweaking your copy and content here and there can make a huge difference - the difference between a customer liking your brand or loving it.


Uplevel your copywriting & content marketing skills.

You already have content marketing talent in-house and want to learn more about the latest trends and winning strategies?
Let's set up a workshop.


Podcasting is all the rage right now.

But how do you go about producing a podcast? What equipment do you need? How much time does it take? And how can I promote it so people will actually listen?

We cover all of these topics in this workshop.


LinkedIn is the place to be right now
- it has a ton of potential when it comes to organic reach and it's a great way to position yourself professionally.

But how do you optimise your profile? Build a network? And how do you market your company?

We cover all of these topics in this workshop.


Creating content can be very time consuming, so how can we make the most out of creating content pieces?

In this workshop, you will learn about the types of content that can be produced as a bundle (or at the same time) and how you can use it on different channels.



This is how we work.

Every company is different and so are your needs which is why we adjust the process accordingly. But every copywriting and content marketing project has the same basic steps.

  • We define the scope, audience, tone, context and goal of the piece.
  • Once all the relevant facts, figures and information are gathered, the creation process begins.
  • We work very closely with our clients and integrate your feedback along the way.
  • Once the copy or content is approved, it is ready to be published and put out into the world.

"Working with Olivia is a great experience as it almost feels like she’s becoming a part of the team. She developed a really good understanding of our industry, came up with creative ideas and enriched our project with a fresh perspective.

Thanks to her professionalism and out-of-the box thinking, we ended up with a better result than we’d have achieved on our own."

"The help, feedback and content we received from Say it right was great and has helped us a lot in our projects. Even after short discussions with the clients, Olivia was able to pick up on important details and create relevant strategies for using copy that is aligned with the client's vision. The content was always delivered in a timely manner and the costs were transparent. I would highly recommend Say it right for your copywriting or social media needs."

"Olivia's support was very helpful and I am more than happy with the end result: great copy for my website!