Our world is more connected than ever, and business English has become essential for networking and general globalisation purposes. English as a global language allows people to connect and opens up new opportunities for anyone wanting to pursue an international career. Excellent English skills help entrepreneurs drive their start-up business or expand their company while communicating professionally and remaining focused. These skills also help you to understand your international colleagues better and negotiate more confidently.

The fastest way to success: relaxed face-to-face conversations with a native speaker. 

Learn business English in a protected environment and improve your language skills step by step using methods and exercises tailored to your individual needs. Your tutor is available for a full hour in our Business English Course to work with you on your language goals.

Business English Course: tailored, location-independent with a native speaker

Sinead Barry, an English native speaker from Ireland, has been an English teacher for over 20 years and, with her many years of Business English experience, can give you excellent support. If a German — or even "Austrian" — word slips out during your business English course — no problem: Sinead has spent 10 years living and working in Austria and has no trouble understanding.

Her weekly sessions are customised to your needs — you will receive an email after each lesson summarising tips and tricks and any vocabulary you have learned. Sinead offers you a space where you won’t need to be self-conscious about your mistakes — weak points are treated as opportunities to improve your language skills.

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